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Meet Bernadette

Tap into the power of you and success will follow

Bernadette J. Carroll

Speaker. Writer. Certified Lifestyle Wellness Coach. Marketing & Advertising Professional. 

Welcome to Your Life Matters Too, where we provide a healthy lifestyle guide to create a better way to live. At Your Life Matters Too, we believe in the total body experience - mind, body and soul, all areas of your life integrated and working together to create harmony and happiness in the pursuit of living a life of passion and purpose. 

Our Mission


Inspiring healthy living by adopting a full-circle approach to life through the connection of the mind, body and soul. This is based on the understanding that our thoughts, treatment of our body and the feeding of our souls drive our day to day decisions of life. 


About the Founder


Bernadette's passion is to educate and inspire others to fully embrace life and adopt healthier lifestyles. She is a mother, wife, christian, marketing and advertising professional, speaker, entrepreneur, writer and lifestyle blogger. Thank you for visiting Your Life Matters Too, we look forward to helping you live a healthier life and making you number one on your to-do list, because Your Life Matters Too.

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